This Is What You’ve Been Waiting For. New Horizons by Richie Love.
Real Music Makes A Comeback. New Beginnings in the Timeless Musical Journey-of the Very Gifted Saxophonist–Richie Love
We can all see it,—- feel it, taste it– and hear it– all—coming,—–out of the ethereal space of time, light, movement and sound—Yes, it’s coming—and at last,—it is here! ! !—- 
This outstanding CD clearly showcases Richie’s music and saxophone versatility, He plays the full range of saxes, Alto, Tenor, and Soprano sax, with intonation saliency; as he innovates some funky, up-tempo Grover Washington style grooves. With the ease,— —as a breeze,—Richie is a “master”– of smooth “genre transition”.—from “Classical,-”Smooth” and “Contemporary Jazz”; to “R&B”, “Funk”, “EDM Jazz”, and “Dance” genres. He adeptly plays it all,—- and plays it all, — so very well. 
There are twelve (12) original songs on this “New Horizon” CD, Produced by Richie’s Lifelong friend and widely respected vocalist Carey Washington. The first and funky opening cut,—–”Let’s get this party started”,—”It really– does”!–Its followed by the very sultry and sensual–”Feelin’ Good About Myself”.—Richie’s and Carey’s, “24th Street, Omaha”, is a special and noteworthy homage to their North Omaha,-24th St. Roots and to some of its’ music/funk legends and R&B, Jazz predecessors, such as, “Buddy Miles”, “Andre Lewis”, “Hank Redd”, “Curly Martin”, “Calvin Keys”, “Victor Lewis”, Herman C. Franklin, Jr., “Henry Peters”, “Hoshal Wright”, “Lalomie Washburn”, “Gerald Holt”, “Stemsy Hunter”, “Wali Ali”, “Lester Abrams”, “Leslie Smith”, “Arno Lucas” Billy Rodgers and many others;—This “high energy” cut is certain to be a hit to one and all, who ‘come together’ at the bi-annual “Native Omaha Days”, held later this Summer! Other new and uniquely original cuts include: “What’s Happenin” and “Baby”, with smooth vocals by two amazing up and coming Stars, (with vintage moments of the Motown stylings) both are certain to withstand the “music appreciation”– test of time! The twelfth song, entitled, “Stankin”,–is a funky-fun, jazzy-ditty– over-laid with distinctive “Rap” by “Dismost” who Richie mentor at age 14. It’s certain to be a popular “sweet-smelling” hit with– all! 
Richie Love,is a gifted saxophonist/vocalist and innovative virtuoso music artist. He was family mentored and naturally influenced by the music of his late and great, World renowned father, Mr. Preston Love, Sr., a purveyor and historian of “Classical Jazz and Blues”. A virtuoso musician, who’s resume reads like a who’s who of American music. He performed with legendary artists from Count Basie and Billie Holiday to Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin. During the 60s Preston became the first Contractor, Orchestra/Band Leader for the iconic Motown fame.
So Richie was nurtured deep in the genre roots of “Jazz”, “Blues”, “Rhythm and blues”, “Funk” and from the Originators of smooth Jazz.
Richie has performed with and studied under an impressive list of Legendary Musicians such as Johnny Otis, Buddy Miles, Norman Conners, Andre Lewis (Mandre), Barbara Morrison, Lester Abrams, Lalomie Washburn, Ray Bailey, Curly and Terrace Martin, Lois McMorris (Lady-Mac), to name a few.
Richie Love, a Master on Sax, will take you back to a time when music was REAL and you were in love with life. His impeccable NEW HORIZONS CD will blow you away and make you yearn for the ‘grand ole’ days’. We guarantee it! To all of you, with a serious ear for “supreme, unforgettable music of the Century, NEW HORIZONS has arrived. Cover Art by the world renowned Artist R.Stozo whose work has been featured on all of George Clinton’s, Parliament/Funkadelic Lp’s and CD’s as well as Fred Wesley, Zapp, Bootsy and so many more. Inside photos feature the amazing photography of Byron Jones. Hurry you can BUY IT NOW, as a gift to your own brilliance in choosing ‘music for the soul’, or simply BUY NOW, as an amazing musical experience, to pass on to your most precious friends. You’ll never forgive yourself, if you don’t! NEW HORIZONS is waiting for YOU at
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