1 thought on “GNN: Breaking Entertainment News: Richie Love New Horizons CD, is making the news.”

    “New Horizons” is an appropriate name for the new Richie Love project because it represents music whose time has come. He has been nurturing his musical gifts from the age of six and has never stopped evolving. With such an influential Father like Jazz giant, Preston Love Sr., Richie got an early start and was wise beyond his years. Now, with this latest compilation of new and original tunes, we can all see from whence he came. It has been a fascinating musical journey from back in the day which is manifesting itself in the here and the now. Now, if that isn’t classical music, then I don’t know what is. So, be sure to get your copy of ‘New Horizons’ by Richie Love, now! The sooner the better, because it’s a classical keepsake.
    Brother Malcolm In Japan

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