#RichieLove, Looking for Love?

SaxWorld Productions, we’re inviting everyone to come and enjoy the Love, Music, Videos, Photos, History and so much more here on the new website. Please feel free to leave us comments and messages. You can listen to music samples and watch some of our video productions, right here on the site. We will be regularly updating the site pages. Come on in and browse around. We hope you enjoy the Love and we look forward to hearing from you.

1 thought on “#RichieLove, Looking for Love?”

  1. You must, and you have just got to check out Richie Love’s New “Fantastic” Website at http://www.richieloves.com. It is “phenomenal” and very well put together. It features many of his newest and earlier “Jazz” and “Rhythm and Blues” CDs and 26 of his creative contemporary music Videos. Check out his music video “Reflections”. It is simply classic and melodically smooth. It is intense but meditational and relaxing. Also, Mr. Richie Love has posted many brilliantly edited and musically composed, arranged and performed music videos on “youtube”. In our now longing for retrospective “class”, “dignity”, and “style” in the “White House”; you must check out “Michelle Obama-Our First Lady”. It is indeed a masterful musical tribute to the Legacy of our “First Lady” Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama. Also, check out Richie’s “Me and My Lady, II”. It’s seductively romantic as it celebrates the beauty and mystique of women. Check them all out for a unique and comprehensive Jazz and Rhythm and Blues musical experience. Finally, you also must check out his fun, reflective and historically iconic, “Party Tonight”. Richie Love is a virtuoso saxophonist and uniquely gifted musical Jazz artist, of whom, all serious and casual music listeners can overwhelmingly appreciate and enjoy.—Mr. Love, “makes Love” with his music,…and makes his music,..with Love”! —I strongly encourage and urge you all, to check him and his website and youtube videos out.—at http://www.richieloves.com. You won’t regret it.

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